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Now the next site I want to talk about is Google Trends. You can find it by going to Google.com/trends.

Google trends allows you to see basically the trends of a buyer market.

You can see which keywords are rising so that you can look into exactly which keywords you want to rank.

So if you type in a specific keyword term (we’ll stick with the low cholesterol diet) you can actually see the interest over time. I can see here it’s actually decreasing and that is what I want to know. I want to know if a trend is decreasing, is it really worth getting into that market now?

Google trends is great for this because it tells you the forecast as well.

So if I click on forecast, you can see what the trend is going to be.

For our example here, it looks like it’s just decreasing and decreasing decreasing.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t’s a specific buying market in it – maybe you need to switch the keyword term.

If we look down deeper we can actually see the regional interest.

The regional interest shows that the majority of people are in the United States and South Africa. Then Ireland, Australia and so forth.

I like the related searches because this gives me the exact keyword phrase that might be rising. So a specific keyword phrase that I’m thinking of might be decreasing, but you might be able to find a keyword term that is rising.

So it tells us that – okay, low cholesterol diets may be decreasing but high cholesterol foods, cholesterol diet plan, low cholesterol recipes are actually increasing.

In this case, even though we have found that a specific keyword term is decreasing doesn’t always mean that the market is decreasing.

We can actually look further into cholesterol diet plan.

So if you click on this here, this will give you more keywords that are related to cholesterol diet plans and as you can see it changes here and we can see that in 2007 it it wasn’t as good but it’s increasing over time.

There are some dips and some increases but we can see that in the long term at least this keyword would be increasing.

Just choosing a keyword doesn’t work – you really have to get down and do the research so that you can see what is real and what is not.
One other thing I like about Google Trends is that if you really want to dig deeper into a specific city that might be searching for a specific keyword it gives you a better idea of who & when you can market to. It will allow you to target your advertising much better.

So if you go under Regional Interest and click specifically United States, you can see that the search volume seems to be really high in Georgia and in Florida, Texas, New York, California.

If you want to go even deeper, you can click on Georgia & sometimes it will show you even more results.

Sometimes it won’t, but as you can see it can really dive deep and tell exactly which city has the most searches in it.

So if you wanted, you could do a press release in that city (or something like that) and it will give me a better view of the long term marketing possibilities that are available.


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