[VIDEO TUTORIAL] How to Tap Into a White-Hot & Lucrative Blog Niche That is Actually FUN – Part 5

So the first website is called Alexa.com

It’s known as the web information company and has a lot of statistics about tons and tons of websites around the world.

Let’s say for example, that you want to do research on a specific niche like low-cholesterol cooking and you’re interested in this niche but you don’t really know what product you want to create.

Or, let’s say you want to know how to create a recipe or release a recipe but you want to do some research before you get into the market.

We can do this simply by entering the keyword that you’re interested in, clicking enter and Alexa.com will show you exactly what sites are getting the most traffic in that niche.

The more traffic a site receives, the lower the Alexa rank & beneath each site you will notice that there are keywords listed.

So this will give you some more options in terms of other little sub-niches within the general niche that you are looking for.

Let’s take low calorie meals for example.

If we click on this keyword this will tell you exactly the competition & engagement and will give you the top sites for that specific keyword.

It will tell the you the Share of Voice which is basically the percentage of all searches for low calorie meals that lead to the given site and engagement basically tells you how long a person stays on the website.

So if you want to know how loyal & what sort of stick rate buyers could potentially have – this would be a good measure.

It may not be the only measure, but it would be one of the good variables that you can use to measure the engagement and interaction that a buyer in the specific niche has. So if the values are about the same for all the sites listed, it’s a pretty good indicator of the quality of traffic & how interested people are in that niche.

Now Alexa also tells you the competition for that specific keyword.

It will tell you if the competition is low, or high and so on.
You can see for our example that low calorie meals seems to have low competition which is great.

Now keep in mind that just because there is low competition, it doesn’t always mean that the market is something that you want to go into.

You always want to make sure that you go into a market that has competition because that means that it is a market with buyers in it.

The problem with going into a market that doesn’t have any competition whatsoever is that you’re going to have to educate the market.

They won’t be aware that product a product exists, and there might not be that many people looking to buy it.

If that’s the case, it’s gonna be harder for you to sell your product.

So it’s definitly something to think about when you do your research.

Now if you want to dig deeper into a site itself, for example delish.com, (because as you can see food network is fairly big site) we can take a look at delish.com as it has about 4 percent share of voice.

If we take a look at the specific site, it will actually tell you within the years listed how much search engine traffic it could be getting.

As you can see in this example, it seems to be increasing as it’s up to 15%. You can see the specific keywords that people are typing in to get to the site.

This is great if you’re trying to dig deeper and get an understanding of the competition and where they are ranked and what sites are related, and where visitors go on the specific site.

From this, you can quickly see which specific areas of the site are in high demand.

It can really help you understand your demographics: their education level, browsing location, and country.

Let’s say for example you know that the majority of people are with in a certain region of the United States – you can then pin point that location to dig deeper.

Again, this could be extremely valuable information for your future marketing plans, so I advise you do to go to Alexa.com and just take a look around and do some market research and competition research.

If you want to dig even deeper and focus on a specific competitor, then you can go to a site called Compete.com and at the front page here you’ll notice that you can enter a URL like delish.com for example.

This lets you do a search (and you can start a free trial) to get more information on the audience: age, income, gender and more information on their demographics.

By looking at graphs like these, you can see changes in the amount of traffic they receive.

This may help you uncover more information about the market, like with a decrease maybe it’s a seasonal market. And if that’s the case, maybe you will need to market a productc at a certain time.

Again, you can see the unique visitors, the competitive rank against all the other websites, and you can find out more information by starting a free trial.

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