[VIDEO TUTORIAL] How to Tap Into a White-Hot & Lucrative Blog Niche That is Actually FUN – Part 2

So everyone has great ideas… but whether or not somebody will actually buy your idea is another thing.

This happens all the time – every day people think “Wow, this idea is going to make me millions”, and they put all their eggs into one basket before they actually know if there is a buying market that wants buy a product like that.

A lot of the time it isn’t clear to consumers exactly what it is that you are offering with your product or service unless you have a clear message as to how it will benefit them.

So the whole point of this video is to help you better understand what you are selling.

We will cover other factors such as the value of the product and the service that your customer will experience.

And this will definitely weigh in on the buying decision as well.

So to make it super clear, I want you to do this quick exercise to get you into the right mindset.

I want to ask you a few questions so that you can start brainstorming.

I recommend maybe pulling out a pen or paper to start jotting down some notes.

The first question is: “What is it that you actually do?”

Whether it is a digital product/physical product or a service you need to know: “What kinds of problems do your customers face that would make them want to buy your product as a solution?”

“How does your product stand out among other products? What is your ‘USP’ (or Unique Selling Proposition) that helps you stand out from all your competitors?

“What are the main benefits that are unique to your product or your service?”

“What are some other niches within your market that you could expand into right now?”

In in the next videos I want to help open your eyes to some other potential markets that you can move into.

We’ll be using some data mining research to get an idea of where the market is heading and how you can ensure that your product is compatible with this sort of expansion.

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