[PODCAST] Why Your Goals and Resolutions Will Cripple You

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And here’s your host, Matt Hardy.

Today I want to talk about making resolutions.

The more accurate title is: “Why Your Goals & Resolutions Will Cripple You.”

I can almost hear you asking, “But Matt, isn’t this more of a topic for January 1?”

And for most of the talking heads and puppets out there, it is.

Which is why I didn’t release this then.

I didn’t want this gem to be buried amongst the sea of pig slop that everybody pukes up after going a little overboard during their New Year’s party.

You’ve heard it all before:

“Shoot for the stars!”

“Aim high, so that even if you fail, you’ll be further ahead than if you didn’t.”

“238 points on how to set goals and crush it.”

“Our complete goal setting podcast for 2016….and it’s 5 hours, 21 minutes and 58 seconds long.”


And on and on it goes – everybody parroting back what they think we’re supposed to say when it comes to setting goals.

But they’re wrong.

100% completely wrong.

I’ve got one point to make when it comes to setting goals.

One little foundational point.

Don’t do it.

That’s it – that’s my point.

Don’t waste your time setting goals and resolutions like they all tell you to.

Because you aren’t going to achieve any of them anyways.

But it’s the ABSOLUTE Truth – you know you aren’t going to achieve any of those resolutions you set.

And don’t cry to me about being negative – it’s called being realistic.

I’m telling you the truth.

But I’m also going to tell you how to fix it.

Half of society is like:

“Well, this year, I’m going to lose seventy pounds.”

“I’m going to quit my job within 3 months.”

“I’m going to make a billion dollars. That’s billion with a B.”

You know why those goals aren’t going to be met?

Because they’re totally unrealistic.

No, I don’t mean that you need to be more specific with your goals.

I don’t care if you write down that you will make One billion, one hundred and seven million dollars and twenty three cents, or that you’re going to lose 69.321 pounds.

A lack of specifics is not the problem.

So often we set crazy goals of what we wish would happen, start strong and then by mid-January we blow it and feel bad until we forget the whole thing – figuring it isn’t for us.

And then next year, we hit the repeat button and do it all over again – only to be disappointed and feel horrible all over again.

It can be one big nasty cycle.

But I don’t want you to feel bad – I want to help you succeed and feel incredible.

So here’s how we are going to fix this problem of setting bad goals and resolutions:
We’re going to take something you’re currently doing and modify it.

Actually, we’re going to add to it to be honest.

Yup – no dramatic change allowed.

And you can do this in ONE area of your life.

Nope – you can’t have two hundred goals.

Just one.

Pick one.

Pick the area of life or business that you want to change the most.

And then set a really, really low bar for success in order to build sustainable momentum that add will add to hundreds of tiny victories over the year.

For example, when people want to lose weight, they often go crazy and join a gym telling themselves that they will go five days a week at 5:30 am every morning before work, eat nothing but kale and water while going to a spin class three times a week in the evening until they’ve reached their goals.

And give them credit – they often last for a bit.

But usually only for a bit.

Unless they’ve got a completely iron will and are impervious to any sort of changes that can pop up in life and throw you off track.

But that’s not many of us.

And what happens when they fail? They feel horrible and the chances of trying again becomes even less likely.

But what was the problem?

In their enthusiasm and desire for results, they set crazy goals that could never be reached.

When I was in elementary school we had to run track.

And I hated running track – it was soooo boring.

But I played a lot of hockey so I was in decent shape.

So when it came to running track, I figured I was in ok shape and that I didn’t need to train much before the race.

I remember telling one of my friends before the race, “It’s only 2 laps around the track – I think I’ll sprint the whole way.”

My friend at the time didn’t share my optimism.

Guess where I ended up?

Yup – dead last.

Did I ever want to run track after that? Not a chance.

Spin the clock ahead a few years and when I started lifting weights, I didn’t go crazy to start.

I eased myself into it.

I didn’t allow my ego to get in the way and I started with weights that were WAAAAY lighter than what I could actually lift.

And I only lifted twice a week.

That was it.

And you know what?

A few years later I was working out 5 days a week and could deadlift over 500 pounds, squat over 600 and bench 400 pounds.

Was I particularly incredible?

Well, obviously, yes.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

No, I wasn’t.

I started out at the same level of everyone else.

It’s just that I allowed myself to start really small and build up gradually.

And that’s my problem with all the goal setting people tell you to do.

They want you to set these goals that are sooo huge that you feel your first steps towards them needs to be big as well – just so you can see some sort of progress towards your end goal.

Instead, choose a step that you can add to your life in such a way that you hardly even notice the change.

Don’t try to run every day for 45 minutes at the start.

Try going for a walk twice a week.

By doing this, it’s a lot easier to allow this new activity to become part of your life.

Like breathing.

You become so used to it that it’s not a big deal.

It got to be that way with me when I was lifting weights 5 days a week.

It wasn’t a big deal.

I woke up. I brushed my teeth. I went to work. I lifted weights.

It was all about the same – it was just another part of the day and what I did.

And when it gets to this point, you can gradually build up.

Ask any financial advisor – big money is built up gradually over years where the increases are compounded with time.
They aren’t built with fast double and triple digit returns.

Why is this? Because it’s not sustainable.

You can’t keep getting those sorts of returns day in and day out.

And it’s the same way with your goal setting.

Goals need to be no more than a 10-20% increase of what you’re already achieving, or if it’s a brand new activity, the starting point needs to be much less than what you figure is an easy starting point.

And yes, I realize that when you compare this lower starting point with your end goal, it will be discouraging because it seems so far away.

The solution?

Don’t worry or think about the end goal at all.

Just pick a patch that will set you in the direction of your final end goal.

All you need to do is continue on with your little steps for a couple months until its become part of your life.

You’ll know you’ve reached this point when you don’t really have to think or put in much effort to achieve the step or activity.

And from there you can increase the intensity or advance your goal a bit.

The whole point of this is to create a source of positive moral victories that are continually moving you ever closer to victory.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

A journey of 1,000 steps starts with one.

You don’t become an alcoholic in one night.

It takes a lot of time.

You’ve got to put in the work.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

And other terrible clichés like that.

But you get the idea.

Just remember – you’ll never get there if you have goals that will only be achieved a million miles away from where you currently are.

Ratchet your expectations back into the realm of reality.

Then crank them back even more until your first steps are laughably easy.

Once you have achieved a point of sustainability in meeting and achieving this goal, you can re-adjust to a point a little further out.

One day you’ll look up and realize you’re farther than any of the people who laughed at how far back you started from.

Here’s to actually achieving your long term goal

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I hope you got something out of this podcast.

An idea you can use.

A different thought or viewpoint.

Or maybe you found it mildly amusing.

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