[PODCAST] Trump For President: How to Dominate the Competition

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Trump For President: How to Dominate the Competition

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Today I want to cover 4 quick points on developing a strong brand.

The more interesting title wold be: “Trump for President: How to Dominate the Competition.”

I don’t know why people think that I’m joking when I say Donald Trump has a good shot at winning the election.

It may have something to do with some of his statements on being very politically correct.

But to start, as a celebrity, it’s not like he has to break ground to be elected.

Just look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Jesse Ventura – they were elected to positions in government

Anyways, here are some of the reasons why I think he’s a force to be reckoned with and taken seriously.

#1 – People Already Know Him

I don’t think in the history of politics there has ever been a first time presidential candidate that has been more well-known before entering the race than Trump.

His life story and what he’s about has been documented all over the world, so everybody already knows who he is.

He doesn’t have to overcome the hurdle of introducing himself and his values before getting down to brass tacks like any other candidate.

This is a big advantage, as people often have a higher level of trust for someone they are familiar with than a brand-new face.

Better to go with the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

Lesson to learn – make sure your target market knows who you and your brand are. It’ll give you a head-start over any new competition and will have them playing catch-up from the start.

#2 – He Has a History of Success

He is known for his comeback stories where he has made huge money, lost it all, and then rebuilt to a place of even greater strength than before.

How many other candidates have a list of billion dollar deals they’ve brokered on their resume?

You think this will resonate with anyone wanting the good old US of A to return to its place as the undisputed #1 superpower in the world?

You bet it will.

Lesson to learn – make sure people know about your brand’s strengths and the advantages you offer when compared to the competition.

#3 – He’s the Perfect Anti-Politician

A lot of people don’t trust politicians.

And Trump comes across as the perfect anti-politician.

Because of this he doesn’t have to worry as much – or seemingly at all – about political appearances and can just speak his mind.

In a lot of cases, even his “politically incorrect” statements resonate with his audience – where his supporters feel he says what everyone is else is thinking, but are too scared to say out loud at the risk of not being politically correct.

Meanwhile the competition has to worry about appearances and saving face.

Just look at his comments on banning Muslims from the States until they can figure out what’s going on.

Let’s look at this one for a moment.

His comments came after a mass shooting by radicalized Muslims.

And in 2015, the USA averaged more than 1 mass shooting PER DAY according to shooting tracker.com.

Couple that with all the terrorist activity in the world outside of the States and you have a lot of people that are worried that violence and danger could be coming to their city in one form or another.

And in the midst of this, on the heels of the latest shooting, Trump makes the statement, “We need a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until we figure out what the Hell is going on.”

Now, for anyone who has suffered loss in these attacks, Trump’s statements indicate that he would take at least SOME form of action to fix the problem – whether politically correct or not.

And in uncertain times, people are looking for a strong leader who has a plan…someone who seems to want to protect their interests.

When peace reigns, people want a diplomat.

When danger is on the horizon, people want a warrior.

If you’re worried about your safety, you get a pit bull.

If you want to welcome people in, you get a toy poodle.

Ah, the risks you can take when you have a rock-solid personal brand.

The fact that he hasn’t changed his tactics & personality since entering politics has given him a HUGE amount of authenticity and credibility – something many politicians struggle to gain.

If he were to have become a politically correct figure upon entering politics, it would have been a big change from who he was before – the seemingly brash, confident, swing-for-the-fences businessman.

This being the case, he’s the perfect person to point out faults as he sees them, saying, “The system is broken, and here’s how we’re going to fix it.”

And playing the part as an outsider looking in on a broken system that needs common sense fixes, further endears Trump to the average man and woman who can’t understand why the government can spend millions of dollars on things that seem to make little, if any sense.

Lesson to be learned – establish a unique angle, approach, or strong advantage to choosing you and your brand over others.

#4 – He is Charismatic

Need we elaborate on this one?

He has charisma in spades, and his competitors pale in comparison.

And charisma can flat out win elections.

‘Nuff said.

In fact, he dominates the media so much at times that it seems the only sound bite his competition can set is reacting to what he says.

Lesson to be learned – People vote and people buy based on the personality your brand has. Nameless and faceless corporations face an uphill battle if the competition has a strong & magnetic personality.

Trump is merely shaking the fence with his statements, and either alienating or endearing.

You will either love him or hate him – but you won’t be apathetic. You will have an opinion one way or the other and the emotion behind it.

And as a politician running for office, you HAVE to be able to elicit and engage emotions.

If you don’t, you’re just a bystander.

If you’re a politician you can’t afford to have anyone be apathetic towards you.

If they are, you’re done.

Don’t be alarmed – it’s just the symphony of psychology and Trump leads the orchestra.

Now, given some of his statements, maybe it’s crazy to think Trump has a shot.

But let me leave you with this thought: votes for candidates are cast privately and anonymously.

Nobody has to stand up in front of others and pledge allegiance to The Donald or anybody else for their vote to count – it’s all done behind closed doors.

So while people may publicly agree with the popular opinion that he goes way too far with a few of his statements, during the secrecy of casting their ballot, they could still be voting his way.

They might not admit it to their spouse, but come election day, they could be going with the guy who says he’ll make America great again.

So there you have it – 4 big reasons why The Donald is a political force to be reckoned with in the election race, and 4 take-away points that you can use to develop a rock-solid brand yourself.

Now to be fair, there are all sorts of things that factor into politics that go on behind the scenes. Maybe he will be too much for America.

Here’s to dazzling the crowds and crushing the competition.

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