[PODCAST] The Art of GSD Before the Lights Go Out

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The Art of GSD Before the Lights Go Out

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Today I want to talk about time management.

The more complicated title is – “How to GSD Before the Lights Go Out.”

What’s GSD?

Well, my friend, it’s “Getting shtuff done.”

Ya, that’s it.

I know the idea of time management may sound boring for some, but this little trick is something that can really give you results.

And it’s easy to do.

And it requires no more working effort than you already put in.

And it doesn’t cost any money.

And anyone can do it.

And……you get the idea.

Anyways, I grew up in a rural setting and went to a rural school.

Because of the wilderness setting, there were a lot of trees around.

And when you have a lot of trees around and it gets windy, those trees often fall on the powerlines and you end up with no electricity.

From there, once the power company knows you have no power, they place you in a priority sequence in relation to others who have lost power to decide where they will send their road crews first to restore power.

The farther out from town you were, the lower the priority to restore your power.

So once that power went out, it could be a few hours or a few days before it came back on.

Back when I was going to elementary school, when it got windy, there was always the hope the power would go out – because it meant you wouldn’t have to go to school.

So whenever the power flickered and we were at school, there was a roomful of kids all hoping that the power would go out and stay out.

I remember one time there was a girl who started cheering the moment the power went out.

As soon as she finished her cheer – as if on queue – the power came back on.

At which point everyone in the room began yelling at her – as if her cheering had somehow magically caused the power to come back on.

Such is the fully developed logic of a classroom full of sixth graders.

But it’s funny to see that even once fully grown – whether a student or employee – everyone seems to react with joy with the thought of the power going out and them getting to go home early.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, however, the thought of the power going out is terrifying.

You’ve got projects to finish, deadlines to meet, paperwork to file, things to do, places to go, people to meet…..ahhhhhh……and there never seems to be enough time in the day.

So the thought of losing part of a workday due to a power outage does not bring the joy that many wish for.
So what to do?

Well, a trick that I’ve learned is to start the day with THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK I can and then move onto less pressing things.

This helps you prioritize things properly and allows you to make progress on what REALLY matters.

And this is an amazing plan because as the day goes by we get constantly interrupted with other things.

You know – like the power shut off.

Or the internet connection gets severed when construction crews started digging beside you.

Or the printer finally gave up the ghost.

Or your employees all thought today was the national “come to work whenever you feel like it day”, regardless of how many times you’ve told them you all start work at 8.

Or some dirt bag pulled some weird mission impossible trick, broke into your office and stole all the copper wiring out of the walls.

What???? How is that even possible??

Of you have a string of high-maintenance customers sucking up all your time.

Oh, wait.


Nooo, you wouldn’t have any high-maintenance customers anymore because you took my advice from a previous podcast and fired them all.

I’m sorry – my mistake.

But you know what I’m getting at – that the further we get into any given work day, the greater the chances of getting distracted from what’s really important by all of the little fires that pop up during the day

So if you start your day by working on what’s MOST important, you will be steadily making progress towards your end-goal, regardless of what happens later in the day.

Then if the power DOES eventually go out, at least you won’t be left in the dark wishing you had worked on more important things while you had the opportunity.

Here’s to becoming the shining example of how to GSD and do what’s really important.

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I hope you got something out of this podcast.

An idea you can use.

A different thought or viewpoint.

Or maybe you found it mildly amusing.

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