[PODCAST] Introducing Brand Associations: How to Scare People Away

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Introducing Brand Associations:
How to Scare People Away

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And here’s your host, Matt Hardy.

So let’s get into this I want to explain what the podcast is about, who I am and why it’s important to have positive brand association.

The better title is: “Introducing Brand Associations: How to Scare People Away.”

My name is Matt Hardy and I’ll be your host.

I’ve come up with this podcast and I want it to be fairly unprofessional and I know that sounds weird but I don’t want it to be a perfectly polished production or anything like that.

I mean, half the time you can hear road noise, truck and all kinds of background noise.

I’m not going to do it in some professional studio or anything like that and I’m not going to edit the heck out of it just so I sound better.

I’m not even going autotune my voice.

Now, I know a lot of introductions can be boring.

I remember the first day of class at university was always a complete waste of time.

Students weren’t into it, the prof wasn’t into it, and basically they all said the same thing:

“Blah, blah, blah. We’re going to learn stuff related to the title of the course.

Get your work in on time, we’re adults now, I’m not going to chase you for it.

Midterms are worth 25%, finals are 40%, course work is 25% and 10% is for class participation.

Yes, I realize if you ace the midterm and final you’d stand a good chance of passing even if you didn’t show up for class or do any work.

And your odds are even better, as based on the level of intelligence that I see in the room, I’ll probably have to grade on the curve and hike up all your grades by about 20%, just so I don’t look like a crappy teacher when most of you fail.

Because, you know, if all of you fail, the University will assume that I’m horrible at my job and I might end up without a paycheck.

I mean…. I hate to miss the “opportunity” to teach and guide the next generation.

Yes, that’s it.

I know nobody’s going to participate and most of you will be barely even awake during class, the other portion will probably just be playing on their phones.

So I keep that 10% for class participation available in case I come to hate you for some reason during the semester.
It gives me a bit of “screw you power” in the end.

But yes, I know that this means there is going to be one guy in the class who gets 120%.

You know who he is?


It’s the stoner looking white kid with surfer hair who starts every sentence with “Hey Dude..”

His brain was clocked as being faster than a supercomputer at age 5 and, even now, he’s doing advanced calculus in his head while at the same time winning a no-limit Texas hold ’em tournament online and trying to figure out his odds of being able to tutor the girl beside him.

His odds as a tutor? 100%.
Odds as a boyfriend? Zero.
Sorry bud, it’s friend zone for life for you.”

But the first day of class was always crazy.

My favorite part was when it felt less like being in school and more like you are a participant in a bank hostage situation.

The prof stands up and starts waving his hands around:

“Everybody sit down! Everybody shut up! Shut up! If you follow my directions exactly for the rest of the semester, we’ll all get through this okay….. Nobody will get hurt.

Well, except for this guy in the front row, who – for no apparent reason – is going to be my whipping boy just so you all know I’m serious.”

And then about halfway through things get really weird and some girl in the class develops Stockholm syndrome and ends up moving to Thailand with the prof at the end of the semester.

He says he quit and retired, but the news and the University said something different.

“Oh yeah, I remember something like that….”

Now, normally I wouldn’t have gone to the first day of class, but back then if you didn’t go and confirm your attendance on the first day the University threatened to give your seat away to somebody on the waiting list for that course.

So I went.

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed University. I really did.

But teachers knew that students saw them basically as an interruption of the fun they would have at college or university.

And that first day of class would often set the tone for the rest the semester.

And in the same way, how you introduce your branding and the positive or negative associations your customer has with it often dictate a good part of your success or failure.

So ya… introductions.

Anyways, today I want to talk about the importance of using positive association in your branding.

But first – yup, you guessed it – an introduction.

My name is Matt Hardy.

I’m a former business student, former hockey player, former power lifter, and a former small business and project manager.

I’m a current Canadian – 25% English, 25% Irish, 50% Russian and Ukraine, and I guess at the point of this podcast Russia and Ukraine are still two different countries but it looks like it could change at any given moment.

So take all your preconceived stereotypes about all these different people groups, add them all together and you’ll have an idea of what I’m like.

Or maybe you won’t.

I guess we’ll have to spend more time together for you to find out.

I’m a current online marketer and business junkie.

I’ve been doing various forms of online marketing since 1998 and since the beginning I’ve been amazed at the potential for online commerce and business that the Internet provides.

I love the amount of leverage that gives you.

The fact that you can have a website giving you access to a worldwide market and making sales for 24/7 is incredible.
You can be sleeping or just going about your day while your website is working away in the background giving you the opportunity to make money.

Over the years I’ve had a number of different websites and there was nothing like waking up in the morning and seeing the money that they made while I had been sleeping.

Waking up to see that I’d made more money while I was sleeping than if I would if I got cleaned up and went into work that day was totally addicting.

I can tell you right now that it changes how you feel about mornings.

And that’s what instigated my work online and it’s evolved and developed where we are right now: starting to Biz Dev Shots podcast.

My goal for the podcast is to give you quick business development concepts – hence the “shots” part of the title.
And given word “shots” I’m left with no choice when it comes to branding.

My hands are tied.

And whether you realize it or not, the branding message you choose could tie your hands and your business – either in a positive or negative way.

That didn’t come out quite right…. anyways….

You get what I’m saying.

You see, when you’re associating your brand with something you want to make sure it has a positive association or you could send people running for the hills.

That being the case, I didn’t want “shots” to refer to gunshots because I didn’t want to associate our time together with the negativity and death that often comes to mind with that metaphor.

Also, I didn’t want “shots” to refer to taking a needle – like taking your medicine – for the obvious reason that nobody really likes getting stuck with a needle.

That’s why I chose the drink metaphor.

It’s something quick that gets you where you want to go a little faster – although maybe a little less refined – than some of the alternatives, and is often seen as being a lot of fun.

For better or for worse I guess with this metaphor.

But when you’re branding it’s important to choose something that most people have positive associations with.

But why a podcast? Why bother?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I love learning about the different aspects of business and because of this I end up devouring a lot of content.

And this often leads to an information overload hangover, where I’ve taken in so much information that I feel like my head is going to explode.

The tipping point came when I was browsing around the old Interwebs and saw an ad for an article about the 100 qualities of an entrepreneur.

And it stopped me in my tracks.

I thought, “Even if that article holds the key to success, there’s no way I want to read 100 points about it.”

And it got me thinking.

I started looking at the podcasts I downloaded, the webpages that I bookmarked, the courses I bought and the books I was reading…. and I realized that I had been basically collecting them based on the title and the benefit I thought I’d get once I went through them.

It got to the point where the only benefit I was gonna get from some of it was if somebody managed to see some of the titles that I was reading and think that I was a bit smarter because of it.

You know, like those people who buy all kinds of impressive books and put them on a bookshelf in their study just to look good.

Even when I started to go through most of it, I quickly got overwhelmed just by the amount of it all.

I started to wonder if I could distill some of the things I learned down to their core essence – leaving a quick, easy to consume package that still get some of point across and delivered a benefit.

This podcast is a result of this personal challenge and experiment, and I think it will help entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, business owners and anybody who takes an interest in online business.

I hope you’ll find it insightful, helpful and entertaining.

Here’s to getting to the benefits as quickly as possible.

If you would like to learn how to get an online paycheck doing something you love, we can help you get started for free.

Just visit BizDevShots.com now.

I hope you got something out of this podcast.

An idea you can use.

A different thought or viewpoint.

Or maybe you found it mildly amusing.

At any rate, can you refer this podcast to one other person you think might find it entertaining or useful?

Because I want to help as many people as I can, in as short a time as possible.

Here’s something to listen to while you think about it…

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