[PODCAST] How Testimonials Are Like Driving a Fancy Car

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Today I want to talk about using testimonials, or the cooler title is: “How Testimonials Are Like Driving a Fancy Car.”

Back in the day, when the High Tech Boom was happenin – seems like ancient history now – before it all crashed around the end of 1999, my cousin had a business incubator for high tech start-ups.

And one summer I volunteered to work there.

A did a lot of work with their monthly business networking meeting which happened at the brewery across the street.

What’s not to like about that?

There company was growing pretty quickly and was seen locally as one of the brightest stars of the high tech world at that time in Vancouver.

As a result, my cousin was pretty well known in the industry was often asked to speak at various meetings or functions.

One day, he was asked to speak at the University of BC.

And I went along to help video the talk for him.

So we took his Porsche out there.

From Yaletown, down through Point Grey and the twists and turns of the roads that funnel you into the heart of the UBC campus.

It wasn’t a long drive, but we got a lot of looks driving through the campus in his Porsche.

Even more so back then, cuz back then… if you drove a Porsche it was legit, showing you had money and were kind of a big deal.

Nowadays almost anyone can drive one the way they fudge the numbers to get pretty much anyone into the car they want.

Back then it was like, “Oh, he must be super successful.”

Nowadays it more like, “Oh, he must have good credit?”

“Rollin around in my new Porsche – payments oh ya!”

One of my friends knew a guy who worked at McDonalds for minimum wage and was able to qualify somehow to get a car loan for an Aston Martin.

You know driving a fancy car makes a difference when a few days later you run into some girl on campus.

“Oh, hey! Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Oh, here we go again – darn my rugged good looks.

“Ya, I think I saw you in a Porsche the other day. You were on the passenger side. Is that your friend’s car?”

In my head I’m like, “Ah, I see what’s going on.”

So I figured I’d mess with here a bit – see how gullible she was.

So I’m like:

“No. It’s my car. I just let my cousin drive it.
I don’t want to park it on campus because you always get some jealous guy wanting to key it.
And he works downtown and has gated underground parking.
That’s why I drive this worn out Honda – I save my nice car for the weekend.”

[Her] “Oh really? That’s nice of you. What does he do for work?”

[Me] “He’s got his own business.”

[Her] “But he drives your car? That’s weird.”

Blast! She’s not as dumb as I thought… No more questions!

[Me] “Oh look, it’s my class – I’d better go.” As I walk toward the closest door.

[Her] “Oh, you’re taking Advanced Biomathematics?” Do you know Carl?”

[Me] “Oh you bet. Ya I know Carl. He may not remember me ‘cuz we just met the other day…. Anyways gotta go!”

I duck into the class. She follows.

[Her] “Oh, I want to say ‘hi’ to Carl. Hey Carl!”

The only way out is to fake a devastating injury – “Ahhhhhhhh, I think my appendix just blew up! Somethings definitely not right! Gotta go!”


So in between all of the head turning as we drove in and the on-campus attention, it occurred to me: “You get noticed more when you drive a Porsche.”

It got me thinking – “If you drive a fancy car you might get more credibility than if you don’t.”

Does it change who you are? No.

Does it change what you have to say? No.

Does it change how people treat you and how they think of you? It certainly can.

Whether they will admit it or not – people notice.

And the same thing can come from using testimonials.

Does using them change how good your product is? No.

Does using them mean that your company is better than people who don’t use them? No.

Can people use fake testimonials? Sure – just like someone who can’t afford a Porsche can run out and buy one on credit and drive until the bank takes it back (or pretend that they have a Porsche when they really don’t).

Some might say that regardless of how you get go about it, others will still notice.

And that may be true, but using fake testimonials is a pretty dirty trick. And we want to have at least some form of character when it comes to how we handle our business.

But before you run out there and start plastering testimonials all over your business – let me just tell you that they don’t always work in some niches or industries.

You gotta test this.

A lot of marketers have abused them in the past, so they aren’t quite as effective as they used to be.

But who knows? You may find that using testimonials can take your biz to the next level and get you a tonne of new customers.

Or it might repel people.

Only one way to know for sure.

Here’s to legitimately turning heads!

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