How to Tap Into a White-Hot & Lucrative Blog Niche That is Actually FUN – Part 7

The next tool is called the Google keyword planner.

The Google keyword tool is no longer available and it is now called the Google keyword planner, and it will require you to login to your Gmail account.

So if you don’t have a Gmail account or Google account, you’ll need to create one.

You can see here the Google keyword planner gives you a huge amount of data and you can search for new keywords and add group ideas.

It will basically give you some ideas for keyword phrases and how much competition each keyword phrase is getting. It also lets you add groups keywords that a lot of people tend to use.

So if you click on the “search for new keyword” and add group ideas, you can enter your product or service in the keyword cell.

Let’s stick with lowcholesterol diet plan.

Among the different options you can fill out are: entering your landing page, selecting your product category and if you want to hone in on a specific category (lets say we were going to focus on health).

You can also specify targeting by: country- United States, Language- English, and you can add in negative keywords to remove from the list.

So we know from our Google Trends research that the United States is getting the most interest for that specific keyword so that would be some good information to use for targeting.

Based on that, you can add some keyword filters and keyword options to generate the best results.

In this case, if we just click on get ideas we’ll see what Google has to show us.

As you can see I group ideas which are groups of keywords that relate to one another or you can get individual keyword ideas by clicking this tab here.

This is the main keyword search term and we can see the average monthly searches are about 1000. The competition, however, is quite high and the suggested bid are quite high.
This tool is great as it tells you exactly how much the company is willing to bid for somebody to just one click.

So for every click the cost averages about $2.15.

We can see other keywords for example: low fat low cholesterol diet plan avarage 70 monthly searches but is a high competition keyword.

So even though the search volume is low, it tells us that there might be a buying market that is willing to spend money.

Let’s say that I want to use some keyword filters so that I only get low and medium competition keyword phrases.

As you can see we are able to see keywords and terms of the medium competition, and we can also see how much people are searching and bidding on these terms.

Remember: any time you see a suggested bid for a keyword, that tells you that there are people that are willing to advertise in that specific market & there could be people who are buying products.

So you can quickly see at a glance that you could easily move in and sell the products related to those specific keyword terms.

That gives you a better idea that of the market and whether you will find people who want to buy your product.

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