Doubling Your Traffic: Visitor Interaction

This is our first post in the series on how to double the amount of traffic your website receives.

One of the key components to increasing your rankings in the search engines is to design your website and its content in such a way as to engage the visitor more.

Ever since Google started rolling out its various Panda updates, they have been rewarding sites that have more user-interaction than others with higher search engine rankings.

Essentially what we mean by this is that the longer visitors stay on your website after they have arrived, the more Google will take notice and give your site a higher rank than your competitor who has people leaving their site much quicker.

This has been introduced in order to combat spammy, low quality websites where the thought behind this system is that if people who stay on one site longer than another, then there is a good chance that the site offers a better user experience, is more topically relevant and so on.

So how can we increase visitor interaction and boost the amount of time on our site?

Have Engaging Content
This almost goes without saying, but if your content is bland, boring or off-topic, chances are your visitors will not be interested in staying.

A great way that you can spruce up your content and make it more engaging is to:

  • break your content up into smaller, easy to read sentences with plenty of space between paragraphs
  • add bullet lists, bold headings and other text features in order to engage the reader’s attention and point out important points
  • add relevant graphics
  • include video if possible or relevant

Speed Up Your Website

Make sure that your website loads at least as fast or faster than your competition.

Remove unnecessary graphics, or reduce the size of graphics and focus on simplicity and clarity.

Upgrade your website’s hosting if needed and use some sort of caching system to increase your website’s download speed.

Draw Your Visitors In

In less than 1 second, your visitors have made a choice as to whether they are going to stay on your site or if they are going to leave. So your overall site design, graphics and layout say volumes to your visitors, so make sure that your site looks great.

In terms of engaging your visitors, try to get them to go deeper into your site by linking to inner pages of your website using links within the content of your site. If they click on a link to go deeper into your website upon their arrival, this will dramatically help your visitor engagement level.

In addition to that, you can offer surveys, prizes, draws and so on to try and engage the visitor and get them to interact with your site.

Main Points

When you are designing your website, content or marketing strategy online, you need to constantly be asking yourself “Does what I’m doing provide value?”

The key to visitor interaction is to offer something of value to your visitors, as this will truly engage them and will not only increase the amount of time that they spend on your site, but will also increase the chances of them coming back or telling their friends.

And with social media being as popular as it is, one recommendation of your site could cause an avalanche of visitors to your website!



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