Doubling Your Traffic: Mixing It Up

This is the second post in our series on how to double your website’s traffic.

Back in the day, you could rank a website at the top of the search engines by just creating a lot of backlinks that all had the same anchor text.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, the anchor text of the link are the words surrounding the link. An example would be Google – in this case the anchor text would be “Google”.

So if you wanted to rank your website for the term “walmart credit card” with all of it’s 100K+ searches, all you needed to do was build a lot of links with that anchor text. Ask me how I know :)

This was how search engines would categorize websites. And if more sites linked to your site than your competitors, it was seen as an indication of your site being better/more relevant for that specific search term.

But the game has changed significantly.

Now, if too many of your links have the same anchor text, you will get slapped into oblivion and your site could well drop COMPLETELY out of the SERPS (search engine listings).

So if you’ve been slapped, how do you get your site back?

That’s a loaded question as there are sooo many different factors involved.

But in terms of our discussion here, your first order of business would be to diversify your anchor text using a random collection of anchor texts.

Myself, I often use words like these:Click Here
Clicking Here
Go Here
Going Here
Read This
Read More
Find Out More
Discover More
Learn More
Read More Here
Discover More Here
Learn More Here
Click This Link
Visit This Link
Home Page
Visit Website
Web Site
Get More Info
Get More Information
This Site
More Info
Check This Out
Look At This
Full Article
Full Report
Read Full Article
Read Full Report
Get the facts
Related Site
Recommended Reading
Recommended Site
Visit Your URL
Check Out Your URL
Your Domain Name
article source
click for source
Additional Info
Continue Reading
More Help
Extra resources
More Bonuses
More hints
helpful resources
Our site
our website
More about the author
helpful hints
more helpful hints
next page
additional reading

And of course, you need a very healthy dosage of URL citation links as well, where you use the url of your site. This is where you would use the url of your site as the anchor text. So, if I was to promote Boss Internet Marketing I would use url variations like , , ,

So what sort of mix should you be looking at?

It depends on how old your site is. But either way, I try to keep the links that feature the keywords that I want to rank for under 20% and then vary the rest accordingly.

If you have a brand new site that you are trying to promote, then you HAVE to build random anchored text links BEFORE you add your keyword links or you will run the risk of getting your site slapped.

This trick will help you stay safe as you build links and promote your website.

There is nothing worse than working hard to get rankings, only to have your site drop from the SERPS and watch all your traffic disappear!


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