Doubling Your Traffic: Get Relevant

This is the 3rd post on Doubling Your Traffic.

It used to be that you could post any sort of link to your website and you could see some sort of improvement in the SERPS. So you could blast off any sort of link building campaign and get some sort of results.

Then, search engines tightened things up, and began giving more weight to links that came from sites that had a higher degree of trust.

Now, we are in a third phase that combines both of these updates where if you really want to get higher rankings for your website, you need to target sites that are relevant, and, (if possible) have a high degree of trust.

This really narrows things down in terms of the amount of options that you have for your link building campaigns.

It makes things more time-intensive,  to be sure, but with a few highly-relevant and highly-trusted links, I’ve had my sites skyrocket to the top of the SERPS in DAYS!

So, let me clear some things up.

When I talk about a relevant link, I’m talking about obtaining a link from a site that is topically the same or very close to the topic of the keyword term that you are trying to rank your website for.

As for the amount of trust that a site has, I’m referring to primarily the pagerank a site has, the amount of traffic it gets and how old it is.

So if you’re planning your next link building campaign, remember to keep these factors in mind or you will likely just spin your tires in terms of getting your site ranked!


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