About Us

We help people make more money online and grow their business even if they aren’t tech savvy or salespeople.

Boss Internet Marketing has been founded in order to provide insight into the mysterious and at times fraud-filled world of internet marketing, traffic generation and customer acquisition.

We design our products by asking ourselves “What is it we wish we knew or had access to back when we started out?”

With this in mind, we have developed BossInternetMarketing.com as a starting point – a launching pad, really.

Designed for those looking for some clarity and a roadmap on how to get from where they are now over to where their dreams of having an internet business making money for them while they sleep are a reality.

No, we aren’t gurus.

We aren’t internet millionaires.

We aren’t even fake internet millionaires with cool little Photoshopped graphics and fake videos showing you how much money we have in our accounts.

Along those lines, we don’t really want to post any “income updates”, testimonials (whether real or fake), or anything along those lines to try and push you into anything.

It’s been done and for the most part, we think it’s a bit played out – in our niche anyways.

We are a group of people having years of online experience who are working hard to deliver value-packed, result-grabbing products and information to our clients.

We often refer to ourselves as being a group of “Outliers”, as we don’t fit in with all the weird “inner-circle” guru stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

And we find it’s great being on the “outs.”

We would rather focus on providing a mind-numbing amount of value for our customers, rather than being seen as celebrities with a shady track record of ripping people off.

And if you’re looking for a safe place to learn and grow your online venture (even if it’s just a dream right now) we would welcome you to join our little group.

We have a wide variety of people on our team – from freelancers and interns to full-timers, we have an incredible array of talent available to us.

Some of us are weird.

Some of us normal (whatever that really means).

All of us like to work on the old InterWebs and help people develop their online business.

So meet some of the team below:

ty Tyler – A truly fun guy to be around, Tyler specializes in social media marketing – particularly Twitter marketing.

We like him even though he can’t pronounce “Statweestics” for the life of him. And may even keep him around.

Ty does a good portion of our video series.

charles Charles – Our pragmatic, “no frills” tech support guru.
Charles is a fancy one, he is.
He has probably done more WordPress installs than anyone on the planet. In fact, he can teach you just how to do that here.

matt3 Matt – Hmmm….well Matt does a bit of everything. He’s kind of the project-manager/planner guy/do-whatever-needs-doing kind of guy.

As a result of telling us what to do all the time, we call him “Boss.”

Darren – Ya, he may be frumpy and most often grumpy.

But…. well…. we aren’t really sure.

We guess he did a decent job on setting up a blog curation system here??